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Little Falls Board of Education 2018

Mr. Michael Russo, President
Mr. Thomas Breitwieser, Vice President

Mrs. Janine Veteri Barone
Dr. Rachel Capizzi
Mr. Frederic DeMarco
Mrs. Diana Kribs
Mr. Michael Murphy
Mr. Michael O'Neil
Mrs. Lauren Verdi

Committee Membership

Education and Curriculum                                         STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEE
Rachel R. Capizzi, Chairperson                                    Janine Barone- Chairperson
Janine Barone                                                               Rachel Capizzi
Diana Kribs                                                                    Fred DeMarco
Alternate: Fred DeMarco                                               Alternate: Thomas Breitwieser

Finance  Committee
Janine Barone, Chairperson 
Lauren Verdi
Diana Kribs
Alternate:Michael Murphy 

Repair & Maintenance / Building & Grounds Committee 
Lauren Verdi, Chairperson
Michael O'Neil
Thomas Breitwieser
Alternate: Janine Barone

Personnel / Negotiations Committee
Diana Kribs, Chairperson
Thomas Breitwieser
Rachel Capizzi
Alternate: Michael O'Neil

Health & Safety Committee
MIchael O'Neil, Chairperson
Fred DeMarco
Michael Murphy
Alternate: Rachel Capizzi

Policy  Committee
Thomas Breitwieser, Chairperson
Fred DeMarco
Michael Murphy  
Alternate: Lauren Verdi

NJ School Boards & Passaic County School Boards
Rachel R. Capizzi