Choral Program
Instructor, Mr. Matthew Schmidt
32 Stevens Avenue
Little Falls, NJ 07424

Students at School No. 1 who enjoy singing have the opportunity to be a part of the 5th & 6th grade choir and the 7th & 8th-grade choir.  The two choirs combine for one song every concert for a collaboration spanning all four grades.  This program focuses on vocal performance.  The goal of this course is to teach students the fundamentals of music, help create independence while learning and singing music, and to learn how to be a team player by contributing to an ensemble setting.  Students will learn to hone their singing skills through proper breath support, tone production, blend and balance, and concert etiquette.  Students in 7th & 8th grade have the opportunity to take “Advanced Vocals” if they are enrolled in the choral program.  This course focuses on individual singing and enhancing solo performance.  Students in the program engage in various leadership roles including organizing repertoire, student-led discussions, and ensemble critiques.  Whether a student enjoys singing in a group or as a soloist, there is a place for them in the choral program! 

- Mr. Schmidt