Journalism/School Newspaper

Journalism/School Newspaper
Teacher, Mrs. Marisa Kolarovic
32 Stevens Avenue
Little Falls, NJ 07424

Journalism is a course designed for students interested in newspaper journalism and developing their skills as a writer.
The course explores the contemporary media and the ethical responsibility issues inherent in the press today. Students
explore the fundamentals of news, feature, and editorial writing. Reporters in this class create numerous original stories
for our newspaper, The Hornet Highlights, and creatively design activities to compliment the writing. To engage our
audience and encourage readership, The Hornet Highlights hosts a series of fun activities throughout the year.


The Hornet Highlights Spring 2022 #19
The Hornet Highlights Summer 2021 #18
The Hornet Highlights Spring 2021 Issue #17
The Hornet Highlights Winter 2021 Issue #16
The Hornet Highlights Summer 2020 Issue #14
The Hornet Highlights Spring 2020 Issue #13