Junior Municipal Alliance Club

Junior Municipal Alliance Club
Advisors, Mrs. Bethanne Strippoli & Mrs. Beth Billig
32 Stevens Avenue
Little Falls, NJ 07424

The Jr. Municipal Alliance is a club whose focus is anti-drug/alcohol awareness.  Our main goal is to educate the students about the harms of drug and alcohol abuse.  We work hand in hand with the Little Falls Municipal Alliance to support the message they are trying to get across to the community by sharing it here with the students at School #1.

Our club also works with the School Counselor to find ways to collaborate and reach as many students as we can with our club’s message.  In addition to focusing on drugs and alcohol awareness we also support community members who are in need. 

Some events that we have done in the past and continue to do are:

Red Ribbon Week - We plan anti-drug and anti-drinking message activities for the week. 

For example:

  • We “can” be drug free - where we collect non-perishable items for local food banks.
  • On Dance Party and wear red day we have a DJ that stays throughout lunch periods so students can dance during their recess to celebrate being drug and alcohol free.
  • During Red Ribbon Week we have done numerous activities that excite the students and continue to reinforce our message.  One of the favorite activities was our “Message in a Bottle” campaign.  Each parent/guardian sent a private message for their child about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse then placed in Red Ribbon Week water bottles that were donated by the Little Falls Municipal Alliance.  The messages were heartwarming plus the bottles were a constant reminder of the message.
  • Each year during Red Ribbon Week we have a full school assembly about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

Classroom Education - JMA members go into the classroom throughout the year with the School Counselor to educate students on anti-drug and anti-drinking.

Academic Auction - Students buy a chance to be a staff member for a day.  The proceeds buy ShopRite gift cards and holiday treats for local families.

Poster Campaign - JMA members create posters with anti-drug/alcohol messages to hang throughout the school to educate their peers.  The students this year will be creating videos that will be shared in the cafeteria.

Community Service - When there is a family in need we are there to help.  One year we sold Team Anthony shirts to help a former student with major medical expenses.  Our club marched in the Memorial Day parade and carried a school banner that was designed by our club.

Staying on the Right Track Day -  This is a day for eighth grade students with a message of exactly what the day is called.  Students design an anti-drug/alcohol tee shirt which we give to the Little Falls Municipal Alliance to choose a winner.  The winner receives a fifty dollar gift card.  The winning tee shirt is then given to a company to make a shirt for each eighth grader to wear that day.  We have morning and afternoon sessions with interactive workshops where the students have fun while learning about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  The day ends with an ice cream treat for the entire eighth grade.

Pennies for Prevention - For this event we collect pennies and other coins and have competitions throughout the school to see which grade can collect the most.  We then donate the money to a local organization that helps with Drug & Alcohol Prevention.

Plant the Promise - JMA will be planting flowers to beautify the school, as well as, plant the promise that our members pledge to be drug and alcohol free.  Planting flowers is a symbol of hope and they will serve as a reminder to stay drug free.

National Alcohol Awareness Month in April - JMA plans different events yearly to support this month’s message.


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