Band Program
Instructor, Mr. Owen Davitt

Band is offered to all 4th grade students at School No.3, and begins in October when the students receive a weekly lesson. These lessons continue all the way through June. In lessons, students learn the foundational principles of instrumental music such as:  reading music, the first 5 notes on the instrument, proper posture, playing technique, definitions/phrases, working with others, and playing in an ensemble. These techniques and practices are intended to prepare the students for Band at School No. 1, where they will play for another four years with Mr. Davitt. In January, “Morning Band” begins. This is a once-per-week obligation that takes place before the school day and is when all band students play together in the full ensemble setting. The program emphasizes the importance of music in all of our lives. Through performing and preparing for middle school, School No. 3 band students will gain social, emotional, and musical techniques/concepts that will benefit their education for years to come. At the conclusion of their 4th grade year, the students perform a concert (in June) for School No. 3 and their family/friends. It is always a wonderful experience and a reflection of their hard work and talent. Mr. Davitt looks forward to meeting you and hopes that every single 4th grader will participate! There is no limit on how many students can play an instrument. All are welcome!