Absence Verification Program

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Little Falls Schools conduct a mandatory "ABSENCE VERIFICATION PROGRAM" designed to make it more efficient and easier to report your child's absence.  This program provides parents/guardians with the ability to report student absences via the Realtime Parent Portal.

In order to facilitate this process, cooperation between the school Absence Verification Officers and parents is necessary.  The safety benefit of the program will be lost if parents do not follow the guidelines and report the absence(s) at the appropriate time.  This program is not a truancy program.  It is a safety procedure and we urge all parents to give us their cooperation by submitting the absence(s) promptly and conscientiously.  For your convenience, the guidelines for our Absence Verification Program are noted below.  

Please keep these instructions for future reference.


*Please note:  All absences must be reported by 9:30 am and a reason for the absence(s) must be entered in the "notes" section. 

1.  To utilize this feature, please log into your Parent Portal > Menu > Daily Attendance.  You may access the Parent Portal using our website www.lfschools.org > Parents > Parent Portal or by clicking the attached link:

Parent Portal

2.  After submission, you will receive an email confirming the reported absence. A note is still required upon return of your child to school as attendance verification.  Please be reminded that absences must be reported by the parent or legal guardian, as student reporting continues to be unacceptable.

If you have not reported via the Parent Portal and your child is absent, Mrs. Abboud, Mrs. O'Jeda, or Mrs. Perrota, our Absence Verification Officers, will then call you via your contact information to verify the absence.  We will continue to call until 10:00 am.  If we cannot verify the whereabouts of your child by this time, we will contact the Little Falls Police Department to report that your child is missing and ask them to investigate.

The success of this program depends on your cooperation.  Thank you again.


Mrs. Tracey Marinelli
Superintendent of Schools