COVID-19 Updates


Little Falls Safe Reopening Plan UPDATED 12.19.2022
Governor Removal of Mask Mandate Update 3.1.2022
Little Falls Safe Reopening Plan UPDATED 2.11.2022
Governor Removal of Mask Mandate 2.10.2022
District COVID Update-12-30-2021
District COVID-Related Information-12-21-2021
District Updated COVID Quarantine Guidelines-12-10-2021
District Updated COVID Travel Guidance-11-29-2021
District LEA Plan for Use Of Funds
Little Falls Emergency Remote Instruction Plan
Policy 2425 Emergency Virtual or Remote Instruction Program
District COVID Protocol Quick Reference Sheet
District Safe Reopening Plan for 2021-2022 Updated
Little Falls Safe Reopening Plan UPDATED
District Safe Reopening Plan for 2021-2022
District End of Year Updates-6-8-2021
CHD COVID-19 Drive-Through Vaccine Clinic2
CHD COVID-19 Drive-Through Vaccine Clinic1
Important Updates for Guidelines & Protocols-5-20-2021
District Virtual Instruction Update-4-2-2021
District Spring Recess Letter 2021
District Virtual Instruction Update-1-29-2021
District Virtual Instruction Update-1-26-2021
District Snow Day Letter 2020
District Virtual Instruction Calendar Update
Little Falls Restart and Recovery Plan
Policy 1648 Restart And Recovery Plan
Policy 1648.02 Remote Learning Options For Families
Policy 1648.03 Restart And Recovery Plan - Full-Time Remote Instruction
School No. 2 The Road Forward
School #3 The Road Forward
School No. 1 - The Road Forward
NJDOH COVID-19 Public Health Recommendations
District COVID-Related Information
NJDOH COVID-19 School Testing Requirements
Little Falls Public Health-Related School Closure Plan UPDATED
CDC -Decrease the Spread of Coronavirus
A Message From Superintendent Marinelli-5-4-2020
A Message From Superintendent Marinelli-4-24-2020
It's Spring Break...Now What?
Spring Break Letter-2020
District Remote Learning Status Statement Update-2020
District Remote Learning Status Statement-2020
Acceptable Use of Technology Agreement 19-20
Device Assignment Form 19-20
School 1 COVID-19 Parent Letter
School 1 COVID-19 Virtual Learning Schedule
School 2 COVID-19 Parent Letter
School 3 COVID-19 Parent Letter
District Preparedness Statement Email-3-12-2020
District Preparedness Statement Details-2020
WiFi Confirmation Form-School 1
WiFi Confirmation Form-Schools 2&3
District Preparedness Statement-2020