Designation of School Safety Specialist

Designation of School Safety Specialist

 A 2017 state law (P.L. 2017 c. 162) requires the superintendent in each school district to designate an administrator as the School Safety Specialist for the district.

Responsibilities of the School Safety Specialist include supervising and providing oversight for all school safety and security personnel; ensuring safety and security policies and procedures are in compliance with state laws and regulations; and providing the necessary training and resources to school district staff in matters relating to school safety and security. The School Safety Specialist will also serve as the district’s liaison with local law enforcement, as well as national, state and community agencies and organizations, in matters of school safety and security.

Little Falls Township Public School District’s
School Safety Specialist:

Mr. Charlie Smith
32 Stevens Avenue, Little Falls, NJ 07424
973-256-1033, Extension 1233


District Designation of School Safety Specialist